Derren Brown’s lovely comments

May 26, 2011

“Aside from his success, it is Steve Cohen’s charm and elegance which separate him from all but a tiny elite of world-class magicians. However, Steve is the only magician from that elite and highly-select group to take his show to an elite and highly-select audience. It is a true one-off: an intimate caprice of parlour diversion by an enthralling and consummate master.”

-Derren Brown

I also dug out an old photo of Derren with my wife and children, when we visited London in 2005 for the Magic Circle Centenary celebration. This photo was taken at a Chinese restaurant. Even back then, Derren was getting approached at our table by fans seeking his autograph or a photo. He was/is so gracious with his fans.

Chinese Restaurant

I’m looking forward to catching up with my dear friend Derren again during my next trip to London – hopefully this fall, for a series of performances at a high-end hotel in London.