Copperfield, Tamariz, Derren Brown, Teller (and more) on “Chamber Magic”

Since I began performing “Chamber Magic” at the Waldorf Astoria 15 years ago, many of the world’s top magicians have visited me during their trips to New York. It is always an honor to look into the audience and see my personal heroes looking back!

Here are some quotes from names you’ll be sure to recognize: David Copperfield, Juan Tamariz, Derren Brown, Andy Nyman, Teller, Siegfried, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, John Carney, Richard Kaufman, Roberto Giobbi, Dick Cavett, Patrick Page, Derek DelGaudio, Jon Racherbaumer, Simon Aronson, David Ben, Levent, Daryl, David Regal, Milt Larsen, Dani DaOrtiz, Richard Wiseman, Ken Weber, Harry Lorayne, Pit Hartling, and David Berglas.


“A masterful performance. You can’t write a show like this. It can only come from performing night after night, listening to the audience. I loved it.” – DAVID COPPERFIELD

“I loved your act at the Waldorf-Astoria – especially the elegant atmosphere and classical style of the performance, not to mention the very strong magic!” – JUAN TAMARIZ

“Aside from his success, it is Steve’s charm and elegance which separate him from all but a tiny elite of world-class magicians. However, Steve is the only magician from that elite and highly-select group to take his show to an elite and highly-select audience. It is a true one-off: an intimate caprice of parlour diversion by an enthralling and consummate master.” – DERREN BROWN

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Finding Lost Magic at 92nd Street Y

On June 2, 2013, I took the stage at the 92nd Street Y in New York City for a memorable evening of magic. The program featured a screening of my History Channel program “Lost Magic Decoded” as well as a lively question-and-answer session, and a live performance of magic. Moderating the discussion was my pal and fellow magician Dick Cavett, the legendary talk show host, and we were joined by Robert Palumbo, the director of my program.

Here’s the introduction that Eric Lange read to the sold-out audience heard before we walked on stage:

“Welcome to a magical evening at the Y!

“Tonight we’ll be “Looking for Magic with Steve Cohen,” who has delighted and mystified audiences all over the world. He’s the star of Chamber Magic, the longest-running solo magic show in New York, presented each weekend in an elegant suite in the Waldorf Towers. His audiences include a who’s who of celebrities, royalty, and other notables. A media favorite, Cohen was also the star of a sold-out solo show at Carnegie Hall and a TV special you will see excerpts from tonight, Lost Magic Decoded, that premiered on the History Channel in 2012.

“Cohen will talk about the making of the film with the film’s writer, director and co-producer Robert Palumbo, whose credits include documentaries for HBO, Showtime and National Geographic. Steve and Robert traveled the world on their magic quest, so they have a few stories to tell!

“We’re honored to welcome back famed talk show host and author Dick Cavett, who will moderate their discussion. […]

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Dick Cavett hosting “Lost Magic” screening at 92nd St Y

Join us for a private screening of my History Channel special, “Lost Magic Decoded,” that follows my journey across three continents in search of some of the most puzzling illusions of all time.

“Lost Magic Decoded” was praised by The New York Times (“baffling”) and USA Today (“jaw-dropping”).

The screening will be hosted by legendary talk show host Dick Cavett (click on his name to read his NY Times blog), and will include a discussion with the film’s writer/producer/director Robert Palumbo. I also plan to perform some live magic after the screening.

If you are in the New York area on June 2nd, I hope to see you there. [Click for more…]

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Guest author: Theory 11 review of Award Dinner

by Jonathan Bayme CEO, Magic awards are a dime a dozen. Many of them are handed out by local magic clubs. Some of them are distributed by regional groups. And a select few are handed out by meaningful, multinational organizations. Whenever I hear of a magician getting an award, I ask myself what award […]

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Award dinner videos

I’ve posted several videos here from my National Arts Club award dinner on October 5.

Mark Levy gave a dynamic presentation, telling little-known stories about my private magic shows.

Legendary talk-show host Dick Cavett talked about his life in magic, and his experience with fellow magician and talk-show host, Johnny Carson.

Holly Peppe related how she began working with me 10 years ago. The final video shows National Arts Club president Aldon James presenting the award.

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Groucho & Kermit sing: Lydia the Tattooed Lady

My 5-year-old daughter enjoyed this performance by Groucho Marx, so I’m posting several versions here. The song? “Lydia The Tattooed Lady,” from the Marx Brothers movie At The Circus.

According to Wikipedia, among the items, persons, and scenes tattooed on Lydia’s body are the Battle of Waterloo (on her back), The Wreck of the Hesperus (beside it), the red, white and blue (above them); the cities of Kankakee and “Paree”, Washington Crossing the Delaware, President Andrew Jackson, Niagara Falls, Alcatraz, Buffalo Bill, Captain Spaulding exploring the Amazon, Lady Godiva (with her pajamas on), Grover Whalen, the Trylon, Treasure Island, Nijinsky, a fleet of ships (on her hips), and Lydia’s own Social Security number.

I’ve included a second clip of Groucho singing on the Dick Cavett show later in life, and also a funny version by Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Show.

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Teller’s NY Times quote

Teller (of Penn & Teller) was kind enough to write an endorsement of my Waldorf-Astoria show. A few years back, he visited together with Dick Cavett. It was a great night. After the show, we talked extensively about Groucho Marx, Richiardi, and Slydini. Teller expertly performed a Slydini coin vanish, making my silver dollar disappear in the purest fashion.

Here is the full text of the quote that Teller […]

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