#1 Culture Essential on Brooklyn Based: Chamber Magic

December 27, 2016

Popular blog Brooklyn Based posted its Top 10 Culture Essentials in NYC for the month of December 2016. Hint, hint: we’re high on the list!  Article follows below:


#1. Chamber Magic is sort of like the magic show that Herr Drosselmeyer performs for the children early in the ballet, only you get to dress up (cocktail attire is required), and watch it in a suite in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The $85 tickets are almost sold out for December, but you could also book a January show as a treat to yourself. I know, I know, midtown, magic, it all sounds terrible. Trust me on this one. Chamber Magic embodies all the loveliest elements of New York at Christmas and the show will truly, truly leave you wondering how Steve Cohen pulls off his modern magic tricks. Get a drink at the hotel bar first, you’ll be wearing cocktail attire after all, then stroll over to the tree at Rockefeller Center after the show, marvel in the lights and love your city for a few minutes. It really is so good this time of year.


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